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Our mission is simple: enhance the quality of our clients’ lives by creating and implementing personal wealth strategies and managing clients’ investment portfolios to help meet their own unique, individual goals. Rather than fitting clients to specific investment strategies, we commit ourselves to understanding the personal and financial goals of each client and help them build strategies that will help them pursue these goals. If you've come to us through the SmartVestor Pro program, you're likely a Dave Ramsey fan, and so are we. Tom Butler is honored to guide you through the SmartVestor program to help you understand the "Baby Steps" to a successful financial plan.

We view wealth management as the union of personalized investment management and strategic, comprehensive, and ongoing financial planning. Our clients' financial goals drive everything we do. We deliver personal wealth strategies and investment management programs tailored to pursue each client’s individual goals, with no conflicts of interest. Our services include retirement, estate, and investment planning, tax and risk management, education funding, and employee and executive benefits. Clients enjoy our trustworthy and honest communication and are educated about their investments every step of the way.

Based in Indianapolis, IN, we serve clients throughout the United States. Contact us today to experience the benefits of working with an experienced, honest financial advisor.

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